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1. To set up - Plant the base of the winger on the ground with the slinger winger sticker facing you. 

2. Grab the top of the winger and let it naturally unfold then lock the hinges.

3. Attach and turn on electronics if being used. 

4. Lock the trigger mechanism and pull back the bird pouch and secure it on the trigger. Slide the bird pouch ring to the far right side of the trigger piece.  (Most people will need to relieve the tension of the rubber tubing by unhooking the tubing o-rings before this step).

5. Pull back the latex tubing and attach o-rings on the desired hooks for low or high power.

6. Place bird in bird pouch oriented with the head of the bird toward the direction of throw.  Tuck the head under the body of the bird to achieve consistency.

7. You are ready for launch


1. Spray a little wd-40 on pulleys to keep from squeeking and on the trigger from time to time and wipe clean.

2. Store out of sunlight to extend the life of rubber tubing. Tubing should last about a year depending on the usage.


1. Never get in front of a loaded winger or put body parts in the way of the travel path of the bird pouch when loaded.

2. Wear ear plugs when using primers in close proximity.

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