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Selecting a Slinger

There are two different sizes, the small "Realistic" and large "Original". The only difference is 5" height difference when folded. (59" and 64") The width (24") and everything else is the same.  I can also custom make them to any size.  The weight is 13.2 and 13.6 lbs. The Original gives you about 5 more yards on average for a 25 yard throw using ducks and pheasant.  The Realistic averages 20 yards with ducks and pheasant.  Here are some videos using mallard drake and hen and pheasant rooster and hen.  In the videos the trajectory of the throw is set to achieve maximum distance but can be adjusted with the telescoping tubing to give you more height. The stakes that you see are marked at 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 yards.

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