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1. Frame design - Set up, take down takes just a few seconds allowing you to spend more valuable time training. Frame simply swings open from a pivot point with a 1/4" bolt through the tubing to give you that perfect angle of throw. Safety is a huge benefit from this design since there are no load bearing hinges and no pins. Made from 1" aluminum square tubing that is lightweight but plenty strong and rigid.


2. Trigger Mechanism - Heavy duty and made to last a lifetime. Lazer cut from 3/16" stainless steel for precision and accuracy. Activated by a servo and remote electronics or manually and also pops a 209 primer. This trigger locks on the backside rather than frontside of the mechanism and the load of the tubing is positioned almost directly below the 3/16" steel pin which takes most of the load off the servo. I left the spring out of the mechanism for safety purposes because springs fail and get weak. When you manually lock this trigger you know its 100% locked every time.  I don't know exactly how much weight the trigger will hold but I do know I can lift my truck off the ground with it so its hundreds of times stronger than it needs to be.


3. Stainless Steel Hinges - Will not rust and corrode. Attached with stainless steel bolts and nuts that are welded together so you don't have to worry about them coming loose.


4. Heavy Duty Latex Tubing - 7/16 OD and 1/8 ID

5. Velcro Cable Protector - Keeps the wiring harness safe from damage when transporting and storing the winger.


6. Two Settings - A high and low setting allowing you to control the distance of the throw.  I use the low setting with bumpers and the high setting with birds. Use the low setting when not in use to remove the tension from the bands.


7. Fast and easy way to attach your electronics. A piece of latex tubing stretched tight with some zip ties.  I've experimented with many different ways to attach the electronics and haven't been satisfied until now.  I'm convinced you are going to like this. If not let me know and I'll keep at it.   Its fast, easy, and it works.


8. New telescoping front legs to change trajectory or to maintain a trajectory on a slope. Legs adjust independently which gives you even more flexibility on uneven terrain.

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