Robber's Physician Apprentice MH QAA "Pearl" 

DOB 6/30/15

Pearl is the sweetie of the bunch but she has tremendous prey drive. When she was a pup I had brought home a limit of teal and she couldn't take her eyes off those birds. From that moment on it was like she found her purpose in life. At her first hunt test at 10 months old (Senior HT) she walked on her hind legs from one holding blind to the next while trying to improve her view. She passed that test as well as earning her Master Title at 1.9 yrs old and a Master National pass as a two year old. She kicked off her field trial career with a 1st place Q to earn her QAA at 3 yrs old. looking forward to running her in the open stakes in 2019 but she is notorious for going into heat at the worst times.   She is very stylish and fast on land and water and she has very keen vision to pick out those long marks and her blinds are top notch. She takes off like a rocket and holds a straight line. It's not uncommon for her to line a 300 yrd blind.

Pearls Health Clearances   

OFA hips good

OFA elbows normal

EIC/PRA carrier

Eye CERF normal

Weight 63#

(405) 320-1969

518 Cedar Springs Dr.

Tuttle OK United States 73089

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